Class 11 Complete

13 courses of Class 11, in one.


In the collection:

Unit-01 Basic Concepts Of Chemistry

Unit-02 Structure of Atom

Unit-03 Classification of Elements and Periodicity

Unit-04 Chemical Bonding

Unit-05 States Of Matter

Unit-06 Thermodynamics

Unit-07 Equilibrium

Unit-08 Redox Reaction

Unit-09 Hydrogen

Unit-10 S Block elements

Unit-11 P-Block elements

Unit-12 Basic Concepts Of Organic Chemistry

Unit-13 Hydrocarbon

Ashish Aroda is best chemistry teacher in Paldi area of Ahmedabad since 20 years . We are expert in chemistry coaching for Gujarat state Board, CBSE 11 & 12 Standard and JEE-NEET. Hundreds of students study chemistry with us every year. Smart Board Teaching, day to day assignments and regular test along with regular updation of results to parents. We have a very dedicated and trained tutor team as well admin team.

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