About Us

Vision Education is a chemistry coaching institute situated in Ahmedabad.

Twenty years of rich experience of teaching chemistry to thousands of students made us realise that at times students require extra chemistry coaching at their convenient time and place for better understanding of the subject.

Students need help with various aspects such as revision of a particular chapter, solving numericals, understanding theory derivation, cracking conversion reactions, and more. This allows them to perform better in exams.

Not just that, students need a good resource for last minute preparation too!

To solve this problem, we started recording our live lectures and making them available to students.

It worked wonders and we got a positive feedback from students.

Now we are on our way to something better - providing proper structured chemistry courses to students through mobile apps where students can access multiple features and enjoy learning Chemistry!

Our USP:

1) Study XI – XII chemistry at your convenience.

2) Need Based Course selection:

- Chapter wise
- Combined chapters
- Topic wise
- Last minute revision

3) Quiz after every section to assess learning and track progress

4) Well structured content for better understanding of the subject.

5) Detailed Study Material (print-friendly PDF format)

6) Full chapter exam papers with solution

7) Available on all platforms - Android, Web and iOS.

Ashish Aroda is best chemistry teacher in Paldi area of Ahmedabad since 20 years . We are expert in chemistry coaching for Gujarat state Board, CBSE 11 & 12 Standard and JEE-NEET. Hundreds of students study chemistry with us every year. Smart Board Teaching, day to day assignments and regular test along with regular updation of results to parents. We have a very dedicated and trained tutor team as well admin team.

402, Melin Pentagon
Opposite Badshah Dairy, Mahalaxmi Five Roads
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - 380007